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Blue Sky Dreams is a harmonious fusion between Benjamin Beirs' classical training, his original songs, and mantras that sends the listener on a borderless journey into the vast blue sky. The album was entirely self-produced in Paris and released on June 1st, 2018.

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Album notes:

Blue Sky Dreams was recorded with producer and recording engineer Sebastien Viguier in Montreuil, France, a suburb of Paris, between January and May 2018. 

It includes songs written between 2008 and 2018. I spent 7 years at Peabody Conservatory studying classical guitar, and when I moved to Paris in 2013 I also spent two more years studying with Judicael Perroy at the CRR d'Aubervilliers. However, during this time I was also writing songs. And when I started teaching Yoga in 2014, I feel I came even more into my own voice. I have shared many of these songs in yoga classes, workshops, and retreats over the years and I am grateful to have had this experience and for the encouragement I have received. This is not my first attempt at sharing my own music but through a variety of circumstances and through the help of many I feel this is my best collection of my original music so far. 

I hope you enjoy the mix of music. I do somehow feel that they all go together, even if they seem to be from vastly different genres. That is my prerogative as an artist, and I certainly wanted to create an original album, not either a classical album, nor a "spiritual" one, nor a singer-songwriter album, but something that is perhaps more difficult to put into one category. 

I have much gratitude to Lama Surya Das, my teacher and mentor since 2004, without whom the mantras Om Mani Padme Hung and also the prayer to Machik Labdrön in "Blue Sky" would not be present. I am grateful to my friend Ramana-Ji for not only singing the Maha Mantra with me, but also adding percussion and energy to certain tracks. Thanks as well to Marie Khal for helping me with a video for Nagoya Guitars and introducing me to Sebastien Viguier. For Seb V - this album could not have happened without your professionalism, patience, and input! And the Satie is dedicated to the life and memory of Roland Dyens, with whom I spent not enough time but who continues to inspire me. 

May this album bring a little more joy and peace into this world.